Branch Rentals

 IMCPL Meeting Room Guideline Revisions October 2011


For all Branch Bookings please see the following link to determine which branch will work for your group:  Meeting Room Guidelines.  All booking times will include your own set up and tear down within the time you book the space.  Please allow your self enough time to return the room to the way you found it before the close of business if booking at the end of the day.  All paperwork MUST be submitted within 7 days of booking or it will be released to others.

To see the spaces available at all branch locations, please visit the branch and ask to see their community room.

Call Events @ 317-275-4020 for booking information.

Rates:  Non-Profit Organizations $0 cost  (4 hour block)

*Non-profits MUST submit paperwork for non-profit status to receive the $0 rate

For-Profit Organizations $85.60 (4 hour block)

Over 4 hours will be double the rate

*Booking LSC will result in a security fee being added if after hours.  The fee is $25 per hour, 4 hour minimum.

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